Our terms and conditions are detailed below. They can also be downloaded by clicking on the PDF link below.


By booking the services of Air Fly Drone Solutions, both we and clients agree to the terms and conditions as set out.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Flight Safety


By booking the services of Air Fly Drone Solutions (AFDS), the client recognises and accepts that safety of persons and property remains the overriding priority of AFDS at all times.


AFDS always carries out detailed flight planning, including `site surveys’ so as to identify all relevant information. This allows AFDS and the client to build an accurate shared understanding of what is safely achievable for any particular location or circumstances.


AFDS will always work closely with clients to establish time constraints related to a task. Many tasks allow for flexibility, and this is important so as to achieve the results our clients want. We recognise that some tasks, involving date and time specific events (e.g. weddings) have less flexibility. We will always discuss contingency options with our clients in advance before either party commits to the booking of AFDS’s services.


AFDS are obligated to follow aviation law and the strict conditions imposed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


AFDS may at any time determine that to carry out planned flight operations would be unsafe. The client recognises and accepts that AFDS have the right and obligation to suspend, delay, reschedule or cancel any planned flight operation at any time should they deem that flight operations may not be carried out safely.


Conditions that may contribute to a flight being deemed unsafe or otherwise suspended, delayed, rescheduled or cancelled, may include:-


  • Environmantal - any form of precipitation, strong winds, or other environmental conditions;

  • Crew Health – a member of the flight crew (remote pilot or observer) become unwell; 

  • Separation Distances – specific aircraft separation distances from people, vessels, vehicles and structures not under the control of the remote pilot cannot reasonably be achieved or maintained;

  • Aircraft Defects – any safety critical defect or issue related to aircraft, their control or safety systems, and required supporting safety equipment;

  • Restrictions – any restrictions or limitations imposed by any relevant authority (including NATS, ATC, Police, Military, HM Government, other protected infrastructure, land owner, etc).


AFDS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any flight operations where they deem flight safety may be compromised.

Injury and Damage


The client agrees that AFDS cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage to property where the injury or damage to property occurs due to:-


  • a dangerous act or omission by the client or persons / parties linked to or under the control of the client;


  • failure to follow slight safety instructions from AFDS as briefed prior to the commencement of flight operations.


Refund / Charging Policy


AFDS always strive to ensure that clients are completely satisfied. We pride ourselves on our reputation, which we recognise is the lifeblood of a sustainable successful business. We will always work with our clients seek so as to deliver precisely what our clients need. We will work hard to rectify any issue of concern.


Should AFDS be unable to resolve an issue, and a client deems a service or product unsatisfactory, a written explanation is needed before refund or cancellation of charges may be considered. Where the service or product matches the description agreed to by AFDS and the client, then payment for the product or service is required.


Where AFDS completely cancels flight operations without rescheduling, AFDS will not charge where the cancellation is not attributable to the omission or misrepresentation of safety critical information that the client could or should have accurately supplied to AFDS.


Cancellation by Client


Where a client decides that they no longer want a product or service and wishes to cancel:-


  • No charge will be made by AFDS where cancellation is made with:-


  • more than 48 hours’ notice prior to flight operations, or

  • where flight permissions have not been sought from NATS/ATC, or

  • where client commissioned / agreed site survey visits have not been made.


  • Where NATS/ATC permissions have been sought by AFDS in the 7 days prior to flight operations, and/or client commissioned site survey visits have been made by AFDS, the client agrees to pay a cancellation fee of £200 or other amount as agreed.


  • In any other circumstances where less than 48 hours’ notice is provided to AFDS by the client, the client agrees to pay the full fee linked to flight operations and the day of flight operations.




All charges / payments are due to AFDS upon delivery of product or service. Wherever possible, product will normally be supplied `watermarked’, with final unmarked product delivered on payment. If full payment is not received, or payment method is declined, the client forfeits ownership of any and all data, product, or any right to use it in any way whatsoever.


These terms and conditions are subject to change. Current terms and conditions are available through the AFDS website (www.airflydronesolutions.co.uk), are available on request, and are provided to clients at the time of booking a service.


In booking the services of Air Fly Drone Solutions, I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.